Sign up for the #WoWCopaAmerica qualifiers!

The most stalwart warriors of our region are already gathering for the beginning of the Copa América de World of Warcraft 2017, the most important arena for all the players in Latin America.

You and your team can join the fight for the US$ 15,000.00 prize throughout the year and the opportunity to qualify for BlizzCon 2017, representing our region in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.

Sign up at the following links:


Groups Phase (free-for-all) dates:

  • Day 1: June 9th
  • Day 2: June 10th
  • Day 3: June 11th

While you wait for the qualifiers to start, we invite you to get 100% ready by reading the official rules of the Copa América de World of Warcraft 2017 and the details about the Copa América 2017 in the official tournament announcement.

The day is coming, gather your team and join in!