Presenting Latin America Spring Challenger

In conjunction with respected members of our StarCraft community HorussTV and ComosSC2, we are thrilled to present the Latin America Spring Challenger 2019! The tournament is open to Latin-American players and not only grants two WCS Spring 2019 spots, but also USD 10,000 in prize pool and WCS points.

The tournament is composed of 3 stages: QualifiersGroup StagePlayoffs. From qualifiers, 12 players (4 from each qualifier) will join the already qualified players from WCS Winter (Cham, Kelazhur, Erik and Special) to form the Group Stage. From each one of the four groups, 2 players qualify to the Playoffs.


The brave players that answer the call from WCS Latin America Spring Challenger will fight not only for the spots to WCS Spring, but also for the prize pool and WCS points as listed below:


1st Place

200 points

2nd Place

140 points

3rd - 4th Place

90 points

5th - 8th Place

60 points

9th - 16th Place

30 points


1st Place

US$ 3,000

2nd Place

US$ 2,000

3rd Place

US$ 1,000

4th Place

US$ 700

5th - 8th Place

US$ 425

9th - 16th Place

US$ 200

To join the fray, you need only to register in any of the qualifiers, and keep an eye on the tournament schedule:



  • Group A: April 16 – 4PM PDT
  • Group B: April 17 – 4PM PDT
  • Group C: April 18 – 4PM PDT
  • Group D: April 19 – 4PM PDT


  • Quarter-Finals: April 27 – 3PM PDT
  • Finals: April 28 – 3PM PDT


We invite our wonderful StarCraft II community to participate and enjoy this great event, and remember that streams start from group stage onwards on our Blizzard official TwitchTV channel.

Soon we will also share news about the upcoming StarCraft II Copa America  tournaments for its official 2019 calendar. Stay tuned!