SpeCial crowned the ultimate champion at Copa América de StarCraft II 2018!

After a thrilling final and many impressive encounters, Copa América 2018 came to an end this weekend with Juan "SpeCial" Tena's victory. The Mexican terran was crowned the best player in the region and ultimate champion, scoring the title in all three of this year’s seasons.

Supreme Commander

The season champ hit a bump on his way to the grand final. After convincingly defeating his first two rivals, SpeCial faced Diego "Kelazhur" Schwimer in a fight to determine the first finalist. As expected, this "early final" had the crowd worked up into a frenzy. Surprising many, the Brazilian performed exceptionally and took the win in a fascinating match.



The other game saw Pablo "Cham" Blanco and Francisco "Pacomike" Rodriguez squaring off in their own duel. The Mexican protoss, who became a tournament sensation, caused a big upset when he took Cham to the fifth map. Even though Pacomike had many supporters on his side, the zerg player's experience and skill were decisive, ending the dream for Latin American protoss players.

The last spot in the final was decided between SpeCial and Cham. In one of the tournament's most expected matches, with no margin for error, both players brought their very best. With each game the terran pressed his advantage, ending the series with a 3 - 0 win.

With his ticket to the final in hand, all the Mexican player had to do was claim his revenge against the Brazilian terran, Kelazhur. With his wounded pride, SpeCial made sure not to miss the chance to recover his spot as the region's best and beat his rival in the grand final 4 - 1. The Mexican Terran displayed adaptability and cold blood worthy of a world class player in earning this year’s last season title.



But our players haven't yet seen the last of the action. Both finalists will go on to WCS Montreal, representing the entire region at the last stop for the WCS Circuit. The event will take place from September 7th to 9th, where the world's greatest players will meet to determine who will be the last champion of the season.

SpeCial and Kelazhur will have one more chance to seek glory in Montreal, Canada. Send them your support with the #SC2CopaAmerica hashtag and don't forget to follow us on Blizzard Esports Brasil social media.