The best players in the region will face-off for the Copa America title!

The group stage reached its conclusion this weekend, when sixteen players gave their all to qualify for the elimination round. Of all of them, only eight won the right to be part of the elite for this first season. Now, they will face off to define the first champion of StarCraft II Copa América and the two representatives of Latin America that will take part in the WCS circuit.

Latin Americas commanders

Latin America and its players are preparing for the elimination round of the region’s most important tournament. Each of the brave warriors will try to prove they are the best during the last stage of Copa América.

Juan "SpeCial" Tena is one of them. The famous Mexican terran doesn't plan on giving his rivals any hope and, to that end, for that end, he will employ all his effort and talent to defeat them. But that won't be so easy as times have changed, and new competitors have made themselves known. Diego "Kelazhur" Schwimer and Pablo "Cham" Blanco worked hard to become recognized around the whole world and they succeeded. The first was considered one of the best terrans on the WCS circuit, while the second was one of the big names of the last season, with strong play at several events, and coming close to reaching the world championship finals.


Kelazhur and Special

However, they are not the only ones to be considered contenders. The competition and the level in this region are increasing at each season and that reflects the quality of the contestants. The Chilean militia, led by Felipe "Halfbreed" Zúñiga, will appeal to their numbers to stay on top of the tournament. Halfbreed’s experience will be very useful in this phase to get him to come back to the center of the international scene. His countryman, Rodrigo "Jarppi" Hinojosa, made significant progress during the last few seasons and this is his big chance to prove that and cause some commotion at the tournament. The third Chilean player is Sebastián "LsEbA" Martinez, who obtained his first qualification to the Copa América elimination round. The Chilean zerg will have to quickly get used to the pressure of this stage to keep collecting victories.

Finally, we have Sebastian "eGGz" Latorre and Eduard "Ryu" Condori, representing Colombia and Peru respectively. Both players carry the hopes of their countries on their shoulders and they want to make their countries proud. They showed exceptional qualities in their mastery of the swarm during their careers and now is the moment to be recognized for it.


LsEba and eGGz

The best eight players of StarCraft II Copa América will face off in fierce combat in May 4th. Only one will take the trophy and the title of best player in Latin America. Don't miss it!   




  • May 4th, 2PM PDT
  • May 5th, 2PM PDT
  • May 6th, 2PM PDT


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