Latin America leaves its mark on BlizzCon!

After a year filled with battles, the best players of each franchise got together at BlizzCon 2017, where they faced off to find out who's the best among the best. Latin America had an important participation in the competitions and obtained historical results.


The Mexican Terran Juan "SpeCial" Tena got to the semifinals after beating Korean Kim "Stats" Dae Yeob and Jun "TY" Tae Yang, getting a little closer to his dream. With a surprising start, SpeCial had no problems to conquer his spot in the semifinals, where he fought against Eo "soO" Yoon Su. Unfortunately, his rival had a better night and the latin american flag could not reach the highest place in the podium. The great champion at the end of the night was Lee "Rogue" Byung Ryul, finishing off another spectacular year.


At the same time, the brave gladiators of Unitas Black showed the power of their unit in the World of Warcraft Arena Championship. They fought the best in the world, representing Latin America with flying colors. They didn't get to the finals, but they sure showed what they're capable of. In the end, ABC cinched the first spot and the title of best gladiators in the world, after indubitably defeating Panda Global.


Meanwhile, at the Nexus, Red Canids suffered a ajor impact, being eliminated in the group stage. Later, the Grand Final was fought between the two favorites, MVP Black and Fnatic. Both teams provided an epic spectacle, filled with excitement. Fnatic opened the score, but that was just the beginning of a great night, because MVP Black was ready to turn the tables and strike back. In the end, our MVPs took the first place, leaving their mark in the history of the Nexus.


While storms gathered in the Nexus, swords clashed in the Arena and cannons were fired all across the Koprulu sector, our heroes in the Overwatch World Cup shook the stadium with their incredible plays, in an event which gathered the 8 strongest nations in the world.

Seeing Overwatch played at its highest level is something epic. Having said that, let's not forget the series South Korea against USA, which will be forever remembered for the draw in Hanamura and the incredible series of takedowns from FLOW3R and SINATRAA.

The Final was decided after South Korea obtained a spectacular victory against Canada, cinching its second victory in the Overwatch World Cup.

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