Kelazhur is ready for BlizzCon 2017!

2017 was full of victories for the Terran Diego “Kelazhur” Schwimer, the result of a lot of practicing, effort and will to win. We asked him how he felt about his results, and he told us:

"I'm very happy with my results this year. Until now I had never made past the first stage of WCS, and this year I stood among the top eight players three times, and once among the four best. Finally I'm reaping the fruits of my training and experience acquired in all these years playing SC2.Kelazhur

He challenged and beat strong names like: ShowTime (in Montreal), uThermal (in Jönköping), Snute (in Austin), among other players. With each victory his name became more feared; with each defeat, a new lesson was learned. Kelazhur is blowing up the expectations of the StarCraft II community and bringing joy to his fans.

The plays of this commander brought exciting moments for us, and we can hardly wait to see what he will do in the biggest StarCraft II championship at BlizzCon. In his best year so far, Kelazhur says he's ready to give his best in the epic battle of galactic proportions:

This year I ignored all expectations that I had regarding myself, and it'll be the same at BlizzCon. I'll go in with a clear state of mind, ready to give it 100%, playing in my style. If that's not enough, there's always next year, haha! But if that's not good enough for the people watching, then yes, I believe I have good chances of making it. - Kelazhur

The terran is fighting not only for the honor of being acknowledged as the best StarCraft II in the world, but also for the USD 700.000 in cash that will be split between the 16 best players.


The games will start on October 27th, but he will play in Group C, on the 28th. See below more details about the stream:

  • Dates and Times:
    • Opening Week
      • Group A: October 27th – 01h00 pm
      • Group B: October 28th – 01h00 pm
      • Group C: October 29th – 03h00 pm
      • Group D: October 30th – 03h00 pm
    • BlizzCon
      • November 3rd – 05h00 pm
      • November 4th – 03h00 pm

Join us and cheer using #SC2CopaAmerica! Follow our Blizzard eSports Brasil social media and be on the inside of everything that happens in the biggest Blizzard family celebration. We'll see you at BlizzCon!