Two worlds collide - Intercontinental Clash preview

On May 12 and 13, Rio de Janeiro will be the stage for the beginning of a great rivalry story. The top two teams from HGC Copa América and top two from HGC ANZ will fight for a spot to represent their region in the Intercontinental Clash and for the opportunity to participate in the Mid-Season Brawl.

Since the creation of the HGC system, this is the first time that the two regions will face off in an international event and this blog will tell you what to expect from this unique event.


Together since the second half of last year, the core of this team was a great presence in the sub-regional finals, but they never achieved big results. Without question, Fratres is the biggest surprise in the HGC Copa América up to this moment. Not only because they've beaten the kings of the north, 6sense, but also because their victory was very convincing, with four maps to zero, especially after they lost a best out of three series against the same opponents on the previous day. They use warriors like Diablo, E.T.C., and Blaze and some heroes with extreme mobility, like Genji, Tracer, and Maiev. The highlights are the new additions to the team, Mexicano96 (warrior) and the prodigy SleepyBear (assassin).


Just like the Fratres, they lost only one series throughout the tournament, to a team they would come to defeat in the sub-regional finals: Bring It On. Encore has shown an ability to prepare for long series against specific adversaries and they are the Brazilian hope in the Intercontinental Clash.

Whoever watched the Brazilian team's games during Phase 1 of the HGC Copa América got one thing clear: don't let Derenash play as Genji, or your team will be sliced and diced!


The team is composed by three members of the successful team Nomia, from 2017 (FAT94john, and Vanilla), that surprised the world by snatching maps from teams like MisfitsRoll20, and Team Freedom. Today, defending the Mindfreak name, the team only loss one map against their adversaries in the whole HGC ANZ Premier Division. Besides, Mindfreak's numbers, like KDA and time spent dead are the best overall, even when compared to the teams from Copa América. The word that defines this team is consistency.


The second Australian team to set foot in Brazilian lands is the Crimson. They didn't have a good beginning of the year in their region, losing series to Downfall and Mindfreak. However, in the second phase of the tournament, they have shown a significant improvement and are unbeaten so far.

In this second phase of the league, one hero took the spotlight in Crimson: Sonya The Diablo 3 barbarian has had an essential role in the team's success so far. Out of nine maps, Sonya was chosen by the team seven times, having a success rate of approximately 86%. It will be a surprise if she isn't banned during the finals.




  • May 12th, 3AM AEST - 10AM PDT
  • May 13th, 3AM AEST - 10AM PDT

The teams are chosen and only one region will make it to the world championship. The Intercontinental Clash isn't only about a larger cash prize for the winning team, but also about the bragging rights over the opposing region.


The games will be broadcasted on May 12 and 13 at the ANZ and Copa América's official channel on Twitch. Don't forget to show your support in the social media using the hashtag #HGC