Join the battle in Heroes of the Storm Copa América 2018!

The wait is over and the battlegrounds are burning with anticipation. The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) is coming back to Latin America starting in February, with the arrival of the new competitive year for the HGC Copa América. A year of new challenges and exciting opportunities that you cannot miss!


Join the Open Division of Copa América

Your entryway to becoming part of the HGC Copa América is the Open Division. A new battlefield for new teams to form their ranks and train constantly in the hopes of becoming part of the elite in the region. Eight (8) teams in each subregion (North and South) will advance to the Open Qualifiers, to fight for hundreds of prizes in the game and the chance to grab one of the four (4) subregional spots for the Regular Season of HGC Copa América.

Prove your worth in the Regular Season of the Copa América!

The four best teams in the Open Division of each subregion will join the two best teams from the last HGC Copa América 2017 season to fight in the Regular Season of Copa América. An instance where the strategy and ability of the Latin America players will be put to the test, to define the best two teams of the season: The South champion and the North champion.


Travel and fight in the HCG Intercontinental Clash!

After intense competition at the subregional level, the South and North champions will advance to the Copa América Regional Finals, to be played in person during the HGC Intercontinental Clash weekend. This will define the champion team of HGC Copa América and they will then face the best team in Australia, in a battle not only for the pride of each region, but also for a spot in the Midseason Global Showdown or in the HGC Global Finals, depending on the Phase.

It is a unique event, not just for the high level of competition, but also because it will take the action and HCG circuit players to the amazing cities of Rio de Janeiro (Phase 1) and Sydney (Phase 2)!





  • Open Division - Qualifiers: February 1 to 4*
  • Open Division - Groups: February 10, 11, 24 and 25
  • HGC Copa América – Regular Season: April 10-14
  • HGC Copa América – Subregion Finals: April 15
  • HGC Copa América – Regional Finals: May 12
  • HGC Intercontinental Clash: May 13


  • Open Division - Qualifiers: June 10 - June 24*
  • Open Division - Groups: June 30, July 1, 7 and 8
  • HGC Copa América – Regular Season: July 17-21
  • HGC Copa América – Subregion Finals: July 22
  • HGC Copa América – Regional Finals: September 14
  • HGC Intercontinental Clash: September 15

*The links for enrollment in the qualifiers will be released soon.



The official broadcast of Copa América will start after the end of the Open Division, when the best teams in Latin America will take over the screen on our Twitch TV Copa América channel, showing their hunger for glory.

If you wish to be part of this heroic adventure, follow the news on our official Copa América website, in the Heroes of the Storm social media channels, and at Blizzards Esports Brazil, where you can stay up to date with all the details about the most important Heroes of the Storm tournament in our region.

The Nexus awaits you!



How will the subregions be divided at the HGC Copa América?

The Copa América will be open to all players in Latin America and the competition will be divided in two subregions:

  • North: For teams from Belize, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.
  • South: For teams from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.

How many people can be part of a team in Copa América?

Each team can have a roster of 7 players: 5 starters and 2 substitutes. If a team qualifies for the live phase of the Copa América, only 6 players will travel. The team rosters can be modified between seasons.

My team has players from both North and South. What is my subregion?

A team's subregion will be defined by the majority of players in your roster. This means that if 4 of the 7 players are from the South, this team will play in the South subregion.

What are the prizes for the Copa América?

During 2018, will offer a total prize pool of $60,000 and hundreds of rewards within the game, as well as the chance to travel the world, representing Latin America at a global level.

Will HGC Copa América include a live phase?

Yes, each HGC Copa América will be connected to an Intercontinental Clash. The best teams of the North and South subregions will travel to the Intercontinental Clash to define the Copa América champion and to face the Australian champions for a spot in the Mid-Season Brawl or in the HGC Global Finals.

Which Heroes will be available during the tournament?

Players will be able to use all currently available Heroes in the game. New Heroes can only be used in competitive play 14 days after their release to the public. Reworked Heroes can be used 48 hours after their makeover.