New challenges in the HGC Copa América 2018!

2018 is coming and brings a new chapter to HGC Copa América. The year is set to revolutionize our competitive scene and bring with it new stories, rivalries and opportunities.

As in the other global circuits, HGC Copa América 2018 will bring more concentrated competition and will split the year in 2 stages. In each stage, the best teams in Latin America will fight valiantly, test their mettle, grow and move on to a new international challenge...


Get ready for the HGC Intercontinental Clash


That’s right! At the end of each stage of the HGC circuit, the 2 best Latin American teams — one from the North and one from the South — will travel to the Intercontinental Clash. This new, unique battle will not only determine the HGC Copa América Champion, but give them the opportunity to face-off against the champions of Australia and New Zealand in the battle for a spot at the Midseason Global Showdown (stage 1) or the HGC Global Finals (stage 2). An epic duel that will gather idols from both continents and will catch the eyes of the rest of the world.


More support for tournaments and growth initiatives!


In addition to changes to the HGC circuit, 2018 will bring the return of Open Tournaments in an enhanced form, restructured to promote the creation of new teams and constant competition, improving their development and providing more opportunities for those who want to take a first dip in the competitive scene. This will allow Open Tournaments and local tournaments to play a vital role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem, creating the stars of tomorrow.


All the details about what is coming next year will be announced soon. In the meantime Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and also our official page to keep up to date and ready to join the most important battle in Latin America.