Mindfreak are your Intercontinental Clash champions

Sun, beach and coconut water. A combination that, for many, means vacations and good times, but not for the Heroes of the Storm teams that came to Rio de Janeiro this weekend. Mindfreak, Crimson Gaming, Fratres and Encore eSports were focused not only on becoming regional champions, but above all, on becoming intercontinental champions.


Oceanic power

Mindfreak and Crimson started the fighting. The first one arrived as the favorite to become intercontinental champion, counting on the international recognition for its past performances. The second one wanted to prove that the region has another powerhouse and would fight to the last hit point to take the victory.


And that was exactly what happened. Crimson surprised not only its adversaries, but also the public, winning three maps and managing to lead the series by 3-2 for a moment. However, Mindfreak resisted and managed to get itself together, proving why they were the favorites and becoming the champions of the first HGC ANZ Premier season.


Brazilian dominance

Mexico and Brazil competed for the HGC Copa América finals. Two young athletes were at the center of attentions in this match: Sleepy Bear, who was only 13 years old, and Derenash, an 18 years old. The prodigy, who played very well throughout the entire campaign, wanted to take Fratres to the top spot of the region and become the youngest player to raise the trophy. But Derenash wanted to help Encore to maintain the Brazilian dominance over the Latin America.


Although the Mexicans started very well in the series, they couldn't stand the strikes that Encore was dishing out and the Brazilian team became the tournament champion easily.


Back to the global stage

In 2017, even though they dominated the region, Mindfreak players ended up losing in the finals to the Dark Sided and couldn't participate in the world championship during the Blizzcon. The Australians were very confident for the Intercontinental Clash, and were determined to show that what happened before was nothing but an accident. On the other hand, Encore wanted to spoil their adversary's plan and prove that the Brazilian team should also be respected in the Heroes of the Storm scene.

The Latin American team tried hard. But game after game, draft after draft, their strategies were nullified by the Australians. They managed to get the victory in one map, but after that, the dream of being part of the Mid-Season Brawl blew up like Junkrat's grenades. Mindfreak won the face-off by 4 to 1 with ease and, to FAT94's and his team's relief, they managed to get back to the worldwide competitive scene.

Congratulations to Mindfreak for their Intercontinental Clash victory and good luck in the Mid-Season Brawl. The Latin American region will be rooting for you.