Tincho will represent Latin America on the HCT Fall Championship 2018!

The tavern in Buenos Aires City, Argentina hosted a big celebration when Martin "Tincho" Mazza qualified to the HCT Fall Championship 2018. With full seats and music at maximum volume, the Argentinian talent made the audience go nuts with his plays.

Reaching glory


The tournament qualifier proved to be a huge challenge. Renowned players arrived from all around the region to try and become one of the Americas' top four and advance to the tournament's finals. Latin American famous players, teammates and friends came to fight for one of those spots, turning the whole thing into a real spectacle.

After a long journey full of hard work and dedication, Tincho was finally blessed with some well-deserved luck. Every match the Argentinian played ended in victory, getting him ever closer to advancing. He finished the first stage with a 6-1 record, leading him into the qualifier's last stage. These results made him the last Latin American player still standing in the tournament. But all his colleagues supported him from the sidelines.

In the last stage, Tincho suffered a terrible loss against bloodyface that left him on the brink of elimination. But that wouldn't be his last tournament and, after an impressive comeback, including victories against ETC and Pelletire in the next two series, he managed to punch his ticket to the coveted HCT Fall Championship. After a very tricky tournament run, the Argentinian player could finally breathe and bask on all the glory.

With performances as great as this, the Argentinian community had managed to land a representative on three consecutive HCT tournaments, and that number will now rise. The stage is set for Tincho to shine like never before as soon as he makes his presence felt on October 11. Make sure to send him your support using the #HCTFall hashtag and don't forget to follow Blizzard Esports Brasil on social media.