Lii wins HCT Buenos Aires

The welcoming nation of Argentina hosted a tournament with the top 16 players of the whole world in mid-August to determine who would claim the crown in HCT Buenos Aires—the third and last Latin America Tour Stop of the HCT 2018 circuit. With several powerful names battling for this honor, predictions pointed to the possibility of a Latin American two-time champion for the very first time in history.


However, an unexpected character stepped in from the shadows and simply took the tournament for himself. His name is Jim “Lii” Liu. His destiny took a complete U-turn after he lost to Kuonet in the group stage and he became a heavyweight-killer machine. He cemented his road to the Grand Finals against Canadian national Monsanto defeating well-known players like Korean DacMalza and Americans Amnesiac e Muzzy.


The finals was a key moment in which Lii proved to be ready for glory, cleverly managing his resources in each and every game, always making the best possible decision. This is how he triumphed in the close Control Warlock mirror match that would wrap up the tournament, crowing his performance with the HCT Buenos Aires grand prix.


Major names in Hearthstone from the Latin American and the rest of the world are now concentrating their eforts in the HCT Fall Playoffs, where they’ll battle for a spot in the next HCT Fall Championship.

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