Muzzy takes the crown in the second season of the HCT Copa América!

Once again the Hearthstone Copa America's tavern opened its doors to the best players in the world and the show exceeded all the expectations. The last one left standing was the North American player US.pngMuzahidul "Muzzy" Islam, who snatched his first crown of the year and the title of best player in Copa América with a text-book performance during the four days of competition.

Unbeaten Champion

Being surrounded by the best players in the world was not a problem for Muzzy, who was unstoppable throughout the competition. With a patient and conservative style, the future champion advanced step by step all the way to the finals. Each play was patiently calculated to obtein an advantage on his rivals, taking him to victory. That's how he managed to defeat great players, like the Argentinians AR.pngFrancisco "PNC" Leimontas and AR.pngFacundo “Nalguidan” Pruzzo, two legendary players who represented the hope for a title for Latin America.


DN.pngFrederik “Hoej” Neilsen and Nalguidan got close to give him a taste of defeat during the elimination rounds, but they failed. The North American managed to end up being victorious every time all the way to the Grand Finals, where he faced George “BoarControl” Webb. As expected, it was an amazing face-off, full of strategies and elaborate plays by both players. However, Muzzy's control and the dominance in the game ended up overwhelming his opponent, giving him the victory. Muzzy crossed the Hearthstone tavern unbeaten and his performance will be remembered throughout the season as one of the most impressive ones.

Just like Alexstrasza, his favorite card, the champion soared and achieved the victory with a 3x2 in the finals. With an irreproachable performance, Muzahidul "Muzzy" Islam wrote his name with golden letters in the tournament's history, becoming the fall season's legend of the Copa América.