Tune in for the Hearthstone Copa America Summer Season Finals!

The epic qualifying process for Copa America’s Summer Season it’s already in the past, and only 16 players remain in the race to become the new champion of the biggest Hearthstone tournament in Latin America.

Players from all over the world will gather in Sao Paulo (Brazil) starting on February 15, but only one of them will be able to record his name with golden letters in the history books of Copa.


A legendary constant


Rodrigo “Perna” Castro (Brazil) and Alejandro “Pinche” Eijo (Argentina) are part of the Latin American Hearthstone elite since a long time ago thanks to regularity as players and past achievements. The Brazilian player (current Copa America champion) arrives to Copa America in excellent form thanks to his recent presence at HCT Germany, meanwhile, Pinche’s legendary status as the most regular player of Copa America’s history keeps growing thanks to his 4th back to back top 16 appearance. From now on, the sky is the limit!


The Mexican revolution


Everything has changed since the impressive run made by the Mexican national team at 2017 Hearthstone Global Games. Right after that, Empanizado set the individual example at the HCT Summer Championship and now, a couple of months later, 4 mexicans players secured a spot into Copa America’s Top 16 for the first time. Can Yinus, IamChapsGG, Valash or Arreador take the trophy to Mexican soil?


Contenders from far away


As Copa America opened the doors to more and more players from around the globe, the competition has gotten stronger. Talented players such as Fenom (USA), Kuonet (USA), SeoHyun628 (Canada) and DacLue (South Korea) are favorites to take the champion´s crown, but the Latin American representatives will defend their honor until the last card.




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Book the dates on your calendar because this is a show that don’t want to miss!

  • Thursday, February 15 - 8:00AM PDT – 5PM CET: Groups A & B
  • Friday, February 16 - 8:00AM PDT – 5PM CET: Groups C & D
  • Saturday, February 17 - 8:00AM PDT – 5PM CET: Playoffs, Round of 8.
  • Sunday, February 18 - 8:00AM PDT – 5PM CET: Semifinals and Finals.

While you wait for the event, join our community and share your predictions in Social Media using the hashtag #HSCopaAmerica! See you at the tavern!