Rase takes the first title of the Copa América 2018!

The tavern of the Copa América opened its doors for the first time this year and welcomed players from all over the world. With the hearth fired and the music playing, the players got into position. The spectators filled the tavern, setting the mood for such an important tournament. With the best possible environment, all that was left was to find out who would be the champion.

Rase - The resurrection of the champion


An exiting story developed in front of our eyes during the last weekend, when Rase was crowned champion of Copa América's first season. The Brazilian, considered by many as one of the best and most consistent players in the Americas, was out of the competition during the qualifiers. But an almost miraculous situation took place and Rase got into the finals thanks to a last minute decision.

During the group stage, the Brazilian showed his champion determination feared by every player in São Paulo, by wining the matches against Valash (Mex) and Pinche (Arg), qualifying in first place. In the next stage, no one could stop the Brazilian machine and, series after series, he got victories over players like Arreador (Mex) and Gladen99 (Arg), until he got to the final obstacle that separated him from glory: the Argentinian Pinche. That player also left behind great players during the elimination phase in the competition, such as the Canadian seohyun628 and the champion of the last Copa América, Perna (Bra).


The grand finals power clash between Rase and Piche and either of them could come out victorious. The cars were being played, hand after hand, with no mercy for their opponent. Each spell and summon got to the table with the only objective of winning. And Pinche got the first strike, wining the first game in the series. However, the Brazilian was not intimidated and, remaining faithful to his style and trusting in his training, played his best game. With the eyes on the prize, Rase won three games in a row, leaving his rival with no reaction and becoming the best player in the tournament.

Rase, that initially didn't manage to qualify to the Summer season of the Copa América 2018, conquered a great victory after such a long, hard journey. Having a career marked by consistency and passion, the Brazilian finally acquired the coveted title that places him as the best in Latin America.

Congratulations to Rase! And thanks to everyone who interacted, one way or another, with the first season of the Copa América de Hearthstone.

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