Hearthstone Copa America: Update on sign-up for qualifiers

Copa America Players:

After investigating concerns raised by players about the HCT Copa America Stop 1 qualifiers process, we are implementing open decklists for all qualifying tournaments. All participants will be required to submit in advance the four decks they are going to use for each qualifier. Changes made to decks after check-in are not permitted.

In order for this to happen, we will need to remove all players from the existing Battlefy qualifier, and you will have to sign-up again in the same link.

When you sign up again, there will be four new lines where the deck codes needs to be added. (If you don’t know how to create a code for your deck, please refer here.)

When the check-in process is done, all lists are going to be published in the tournament’s Discord channel and will be added to the qualifiers information on Battlefy.

If any player is found using a card that was not in their submitted deck codes, their opponent can report it with a screenshot, and that will result on an automatic game loss. The player can go back and edit the deck with the correct list to resume the series.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The requirement to sign-up again is to ensure all players have a fair competition.

The Copa America staff is counting on you to have a great qualifiers experience.




  • Global Summer Qualifier (11-12 January): SIGN UP
  • Americas Qualifier #1 Summer (13-14 January): SIGN UP
  • Americas Qualifier #2 Summer (18-19 January): SIGN UP
  • Latin American Qualifier Summer (20-21 January): SIGN UP