Latin America goes for the title in HCT Summer Championship!

After the unprecedented deed of earning spots among the four best players in HCT Americas, if_MX_167746.pngGuillermo "Empanizado" Tolosa and if_AR_167789.pngFacundo "Nalguidan" Pruzzo face an even greater challenge in October. Both will challenge the world's best players in a competition in which each play determines who will rise to glory and who will be going home.


The players from Latin America want to make the most out of the opportunity presented by the last seasonal event this Summer to end the year with a great achievement. After all, a good enough performance in this tournament can give them the ticket to the very much coveted HCT World Finals. However, the challenge is huge: there are no average opponents in this tournament.

Despite having this gigantic obstacle ahead, if_MX_167746.pngEmpanizado feels pretty confident after having become one of the biggest surprises of 2017. At the same time, he shows a lot of respect for Ryan “PurpleDrank” Murphy-Rooty and Chen “tom60229” Wei Lin and their innovative strategies and he has no doubt that, in a tournament such as this, everybody has enough skills to win.

A huge amount of hope lies also over Nalguidan, one of the most known faces in the region. The Argentinian representative finished 2nd in the Americas qualifiers and he has the experience required to become champion. We asked Pablo "Duende" Ballon (official broadcaster in Copa América) what he thinks of Nalguidan. Here is what he has said:

"He dives deep in the game and quickly adapts to changes in meta. Is a very consistent player, with a lot of experience and knowledge of the game."


Both players respect their opponents, but do not fear them. if_MX_167746.pngEmpanizado and if_AR_167789.pngNalguidan are capable of facing their rivals on equal terms and, if we take into consideration their record, it's possible to believe in their triumph.




The HCT Summer Championship will take place between October 13 and October 15 in Los Angeles, offering a prize pool of USD 250.000 and four spots at the HCT World Finals!

Tune in to our official broadcast channel to watch every match:

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  • Talent: SuperUAI, Audiox, NaySyl, OkyQ, KingVenom and Shodda.
  • Schedule: October 13–October 15, 9:00 a.m. PDT.

You can also use the hashtag #HSCopaAmerica to support the players and visit us on Blizzard eSports LatAm social media to catch up on the tournament's action.